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Selvedge Magazine -Issue 82

I was honoured when the editor of Selvedge Magazine contacted me asking for some high res images for their next issue and duly sent the images they had asked for , giving them all the credit details, Verona Lain photography for the giant blooms and Carrie Lavers Photography for the image of my silk ribbon on the beautiful bouquet by Jenni Bloom Flowers, so I have to admit being a little bemused when the issue was published to find my work wasnt credited at all for either image. Etsy was credited for the giant blooms and although I love Etsy I think anyone trying to find my work in amongst 1.7 million other sellers may prove impossible! The silk ribbon wasn't credited to me at all though thankfully they had managed to credit both photographers and Jenni Bloom Flowers. Very disappointing but as many of my industry friends know getting credited incorrectly or not being credited at all is pretty commonplace with both print publications and blogs. Some of the posts on my blog I have included despite the fact I haven't been credited, but I have to admit sometimes I am lax with crediting too - either accidentally missing off a supplier or only including the major players rather than the smaller ones - so although it is frustrating to say the least, I guess I can only learn from it and be more thorough when crediting myself . (though Selvedge did share my giant blooms on their instagram feed so I forgive them- a little!)

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