Mr and Mrs Unique and Bijou Bride

This one is still very top secret so I have to be quick and clandestine but here a few sneak peeks of the most wonderful and awe-inspiring shoot I have been involved with in my Pompom Blossom career.

It was held at Elmore Court over two days and was actually the very first shoot I have ever been able to attend in person.. (normally I send everything by post as teenagers, toddlers and my husband's work commitments make a mockery of personal appearances!).

I can quite honestly say it was without doubt the the most awe-inspiring yet humbling experience ever- I was surrounded by fellow industry folk who were so down to earth and so friendly yet who had the most fantastical and imaginiative vision. I met Lizzy from Early Hours London... I have never been so utterly blown away... Mushrooms. Copper. Succulents. Terrariums. Spray paint. Grafitti. Mind-blowing. Two days, of mind-blowing creativity. Lizzy and her team are not florists for sure, they are divne floral installation beings! Photo by Abigail Steed for Mr and Mrs Unique Magazine.


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