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About Pompom Blossom 

When planning our wedding in 2010, I found myself in awe of the many fabulous artists and craftsfolk I discovered on Etsy. Inspired by their originality and creativity  I was determined to create a wedding which was both individual to us and incredibly beautiful.  


Every element of our wedding was lovingly hand-crafted - and much of it from paper -from the paper maché boats to the poms, to the paper merfolk and the origami candlestands. 


Our wedding in Argyll, Scotland was a celebration of colour, with petrol blue,  teal, champagne, mossy greens, deep purples, soft plum and many more besides!


Our wedding was featured in 'Wedding Magazine' and on 'Rock My Wedding' where it was described as 'actual wedding heaven.' That, together with my love of colour and desire to create, was all the incentive I needed to create  Pompom Blossom.

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