Custom order for Cara 


Custom Bundle including silk habotai and silk velvet lengths - mixed shades , widths and lengths. 


Bias cut silk habotai ribbon 

Pompom Blossom silk habotai ribbon is 100% silk, bias cut with raw edges.  Over time the edges will fray naturally. There is a seam every two to three yards and the raw edges will naturally soften with wear. The seams are finished with silk thread and just a 1/8" overlap to help create a seamless appearance throughout the spool.


VELVET  -  The velvet ribbon has frayed edges on all sides, a velvet pile on the uppermost surface and a woven underside. 





Custom order for Cara

  • The silk ribbon and silk velvet are colour fast in both cold and warm water. However , initially some pigment residue may remain so please wash each shade seperately. Tumble dry on a warm setting. 

    The silk ribobn may be pressed on a warm to hot setting. 

    Please steam the velvet only as pressing/ironing will crush the pile.